Welcome to our farm!


We have sold our flock. Lambs are no longer available.

These sweet animals are easy lambers and natural mothers.


After raising full sized commercial sheep for a number of years we decided to "downsize" to accommodate our small pasture and rather than have less sheep we opted for smaller sheep. We found this true miniature breed easy to handle and a delight to have around.


As with most sheep breeds, black is a recessive colour in Southdowns, meaning both parents have to pass on a black gene for the lamb to be black.  Because we have all but one black ewe, we had all black lambs last year, true to our name.



Our goats

In 2012 we purchased two beautiful yearling does. Spring of 2013 saw our first kidding. We were astonished at the spunk these little kids had. They are charming, mischievous and totally endearing.





In 2014, we took possession of some angora goats. Kid mohair is the softest type.

Black Sheep Farm