Romance on the farm

Well, it is that time of year again when thoughts turn to letting the rams in with the ewes. Back in October you could tell that the ewes were taking an interest in the ram pen.

photo 3.JPG
photo 5.JPG

We divided the girls into two groups. Half went with Bear, our relatively new black ram we used last year, and the others went with our brand new white ram lamb we brought in from Ontario.

Vanilla 2014 (2).JPG
Vanilla 1 2014.JPG

We put chalk harnesses on our rams (harnesses with a block of chalk on the chest) so we can see when the ewes have had "attention" in order to predict due dates next spring. This is a little tricky, especially for my colour blind eyes to see if the black ewes have been marked. Bear is pretty thourough so it is clear when he has been busy but for little Vanilla who is new to his job and so much smaller than the ewes he is in with it is harder to tell. By now he has figured out his purpose but some of those girls were covered in chalk in all the wrong places.

Next spring we should be lambing between mid March to the end of April.

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