2015 lambs finally arrive

After much wringing of hands and staring at our pregnant ewes trying to will them into labour we finally have lambs on the ground! Once again Buttercup was first out of the gate with twins (one ewe and one ram lamb).

photo 4.JPG

Two days later Mia finally had her twins. We were convinced she was going to deliver a week earlier judging by how she was acting. She showed all the signs of going into labour but no labour. After a week of this, and some worry, she finally delivered her twins (One ewe and one ram lamb).

Mia with her lambs 2015

The next day Crystal, our one white ewe, right on her due date went into labour. We were excited to see that our new white ram Vanilla had figured out his duties. We were also excited because these would be our first white Babydoll lambs!

Crystal with lambs 2015

I'll admit that they aren't great photos but lambs either are asleep or moving.

Judging by my notes our next three ewes are due within the next five days. Here is hoping they do go into labour soon, during the day, and withour complications.

As for the Nigerian goats it looks like Camomile didn't take so we only have Poppy who is pregnant and I have no idea when she is due. She is big but that doesn't mean anything, she has been like that for a month. Judging by my notes all I can say is that she is due some time in the next three weeks!

Kalla, our Angora goat is due some time mid April so this will go on for some time.

2015 Gabe with Stewart_edited

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